I’ve decided it’s time to brush off my dusty blog, stretch my fingers and get back to baking, cooking and blogging. I have gathered many wonderful recipe ideas over the past several months. during my hyatius I’ve found renewed inspiration and a plethra of new projects that I am so eager to share with you. As I sitting in fromt of a cracling fire with the warm glow of the christmas tree lights splashings light from between the trees branches illuminating the room setting the mood for my return blog so, lets jump right into it.

This evening while the buzz of my family discussing their days buzzed around the Kitchen I whipped up some deliciously tender chicken cutlets. I Llightly sprinklied the cutlets with flour, paprika, yellow curry, a pinch of salt and pepper and a dash or two of Tarragon. lightly frying them in Grape seed oil then topping them off with capers. Accompanying the chicken this evening were homemade garlic mashed potatoes and saute`d spinach.

My younger son has declared every night this week that we should all sit down and watch a Christmas Movie so tonight we did just that. We’ve started our yearly Christmas Movie Marrathon off with “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” starring Jim Carry. Of course popcorn was made, pillows and assorted blankets were strewn around the family room making a perfectly cozy evening in our home.
My daughter brought up decadent recipe she found on facebook for “crockpot hot cocoa” we will be making in the very near future with some personal modifications I’m sure.


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