Christmas In Connecticut…

This afternoon while reviewing recipes trying to decide what to do on my next post I decided to put on my favorite holiday movie ‘Christmas in Connecticut”.  This movie is a funny, heartwarming and romantically delightful one that was also an inspiration for my writing a food blog.


I absolutely love the premise of a romance blossoming in the surroundings of a Connecticut farm house, right down to the community dance and impromptu sleigh ride.  The farm house was alas nothing more than a set built for the movie.  But, a girl can still dream, hang on to the notion that that modern stone farm house with its rustic fencing, New England charm and immense stone fireplace, logs burning and cracking briskly still sits nestled in the Connecticut countryside where baseball is played in the yard and apple pies cool on the window sill in the summer.  Where carols are sung, suckling duck is roasted and the countryside wears a blanket of white sparkling snow in the winter.  I am however perfectly content in my Georgian Colonial home settled in the hills of Tennessee outside of Nashville, for now at least.

And speaking of romantic ,my husband and I had decided to marry on Christmas Eve in a private outdoor ceremony with family and a few close friends at a rustic log pavilion with an inviting fireplace on a sparkling Lake.  We had to, of course, take care of the actually legality ahead of time due to the holiday ceremony so, on December 14th we were “officially” married at the courthouse.  Sadly I came down with a severe bout of the flu 3 days before Christmas and our Christmas Eve ceremony had to be cancelled which truly broke my heart but we did manage to drive out to the lake and in front of the unlit fireplace we exchanged our vows and rings, just the two of us.  So, I did marry the most wonderful man and we have since officially celebrated our anniversary on December 14th but always on Christmas Eve we privately celebrate our exchange of vows, just the 2 of us.

Our family, like many during this time of year spend December watching a cornucopia of holiday movies and I recommend “Christmas in Connecticut” to anyone with nostalgic tendencies.





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