Family Night

Tonight our family ventured into Nashville for a bit of holiday sightseeing.  We had attempted to attend Opryland’s yearly bacchanalia before Christmas for my daughter 16th Birthday, but truly had no luck getting near the resort due to traffic.  It was then we contemplated our after Christmas trip, thinking the crowds would have surely dissipated by this time, so we set out.  The traffic was not terribly bad, and the parking was a pleasant surprise as well.  We were able to get only 4 rows out from the event pavilion.


As we walked into the magical wonderland there were people roasting marshmallows on an open fire, snow tubing and ice skating in the background, lovely holiday music and delectable sweet smells filled the air and people everywhere.


As we made our way through crowds and across busy crosswalks there were several people on hover boards, adults and children alike.  This was, I’ve been told, the “must have” gift for this season.

First thing, we  made our way to the immense Christmas tree in the atrium to take our traditional family photo, then on to walk through the maze of paths and stairs to view the most beautiful of Christmas lights displayed.  Of course, being in the Music Capital there would no doubt be a symbol of the towns heritage.


It was so enjoyable to experience the beauty of the lights, the sights, sounds and smells tantalized our senses and as always, it was such a wonderful experience that our family cherishes attending each and every year.  We also attend the many holiday events the resort hosts but tonight, tonight was to immerse ourselves and be amazed at all the wondrous holiday displays before us.

And, as a courtesy for my daughter, I give honorable mention to the many Starbucks Coffee Stations placed strategically throughout the resort.



If you ever have the opportunity to venture to Nashville during the holiday season, I strongly recommend you visit this wondrous display of lights, sights and sounds for yourself.  It has become a yearly tradition for our family and a gem worth sharing.


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