Finding Hope in Sweaters

It’s that time of year again! Time for bon fires and cocoa, fuzzy boots and big cozy sweaters (thank God!) I need them to hid the weight I’ve gained this year from my stress eating.  Life has handed me an entire lemon orchard this year and food has been my comfort.  I have packed on the pounds so it’s time to get a grip.

I wandered over to my Pintrest account to get some health and fitness (and diet) inspiration along with some oversize sweater ideas for fall.  I think I’m just going to go buy some lap blankets and make some ponchos for the winter, I swear.

But the realization of my weight gain and the health issues it is starting to cause (aches and pains) has lead me to a life changing decision.  I have decided to start working from home starting in November.  My body is more important than my financial gain at this point.  And why bother if I may not able to enjoy it at retirement.  I feel like I may not even make it that far.  Most of my financial stress will be past me in October which thrills me greatly.  The next big stress in my life I will promptly be ending at the end of October.  My commute to and from work and the time spent in between being stuck in a position because you know it too well, so you get passed over for advancement.  The stress and frustration I have on a daily basis due to this undoes any attempt at being healthy.  For if the mind is not healthy the body surly cannot be.

My days fly by during the week like a blur of long hours commuting and working 11+ hours a day and at the end I feel nothing but exhaustion and frustration.  I can find nothing right now I feel I can compliment myself for and my body feels ravaged and old, much older than I am.  I continually search for happiness but find very little in my week.  My weekends are my only salvation but my time with family and hobbies is overshadowed by rushing through the 2 days to get all the chores, commitments and errands done before Monday rolls around again.

I need a “Self-Care” plan and I need to grant myself the time to care for myself.  For instance.

Eat a healthy clean breakfast (not a microwave burrito)

do 30 minutes of yoga (not a stressful commute)

tend the garden (not reply to sensory emails)

Take Lucy for a walk (not walk to the break room for terrible coffee)

compliment something about myself (not wonder where the morning went)

I need to come up with a self care plan, I’ve found a lot of information on the subject so I am going to work on one and I will certainly share it went complete.  I found this site as my starting point so here is where I am going to start.





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