The Adventure Kit

As the years pass it gets more and more difficult to buy presents for my husband.  This year was no different.  At first I could not think of anything and I spent weeks searching, hoping I’d see something that would trigger that “its prefect” moment.  And unlike many other Christmases I actually found it.   He’s been talk about going to Utah and the mid west “exploring” the state parks all the way to the West Cost for some time now.  But not just driving around and staying in a hotel, Nope.  He talks of camping under the starts and hiking through the wilderness, exploring the Mountains, paddle boarding the lakes, kayaking the rivers and experiencing the beauty.  I am eager to photograph it all ,capturing that beauty.


My Husbands gifts included LED tents lights and lantern, a military compass and the crown jewel – a Napier Sportz Truck Tent.  I love the idea of this tent being up off the ground and in a truck bed.  My Son also gave us brilliant gifts of L.L. Bean boots and Wigwam Socks which are the most comfortable socks I think I have ever had.

So the day after Christmas we put on out boots and took our tent out to the woods for a “test” set up And I must say this tent was truly the easiest to set up other than our little bitty 2 person pop-up.  We were able to get it completely set up in no time – minus the tailgate polls – so two thumbs up on that, and the take down was even easier.  AND, it fit right back into the carrying bag with no struggles what-so-ever, a Miracle, right?

The true test will be this weekend.  We will be taking it down to the Southern Alabama woods for a true test of ruggedness and withstand ability of the elements.


My Christmas was also a bountiful one, I received my L.L.Bean Boots, Wigwam socks and – Jeep accessories of course.  You can never have enough of those.  And, being it was 72 degrees on Christmas Day I was inclined to wash “The Grey Jedi” and treat the fenders and bumper before winter fully sets in.  I do believe I will be getting a slant back topper in the spring and I am shopping for bumpers right now..  My new LED headlights and fog lights are truly awesome.



Oh my, I almost forgot about Christmas morning.  I was going to make home made cinnamon rolls but, the time just flew and so I improvised.   Pillsbury Buttery Crossiants, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter and raisins.  12 minutes later, YUM!




All in all it was a wonderful Holiday and I can’t wait for our first weekend adventure.  and I will post all about it.

Hopping you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.




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