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In October 2011 I had just started a new job, we were just getting settled after moving from Florida to Nashville and I was starting to get interested in baking.  I have always loved to cook and over the years have baked many cakes breads and the like.  But now I wanted to take it a step further.  So, I went to Martha Stewart’s site one evening and found a simple cupcake and icing recipe and my passion for baking was awakened.  A few weeks later one of my co-works brought in “Irish Car-bomb cupcakes” and the were amazing so I thought I would try to make those next and that is when I realized I had a talent for baking.  At that point I hit the ground running and never looked back.

This, I thought was just the creative outlet I needed but as I began to search for more challenging recipe ideas I noticed many cooking blogs of other bakers and cooks just like me.  This gave me the inspiration to create this blog to share all these wonderful recipes an ideas with others. I know as I become more experienced my blog will also evolve and I am so very excited to share with you the baking and creativity that awaits.

About Betty


I grew up in Kissimmee Florida but as the town changed and my aspirations to go to new and exiting places took hold I decided a change was needed.  I’ve lived in several states butTennessee is where we now call home. I’ve learned much about baking and myself in my travels picking up many cultural and geographical elements along the way.  Many people have touched my life and some have greatly inspired my baking passion including family and friends alike.  I now have several friends in my circle that are as passionate about baking, cooking and creativity as I am, most of which I have come to know wondering the cube farm I work in.  I am currently a Software Support Analyst but of course I aspire for greater things.

Some of my other interests, which you will undoubtably see evidence of here are wood working, sewing and random crafting when the notion hits me.

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