To Be, Or not to Be…

Yesterday I turned 49, yes I said 49.  But, I do not feel my or nor do I act it.  I feel like I am still in my mid 30’s and I act as such as well.  All of my friends are younger, even my husband is younger than I am.

But my body has been ravaged by years of bad eating habits and not exercising.  The good I have done has been to quit smoking in 2005, only drinking wine on occasion and sometimes a martini, and taking care of my skin the best I know how.  I try and get plenty of sleep and I have been doing yoga on and off for many years which I absolutely love.

My challenge lately has been making good use of the gym membership I started in February.  Also, keeping my calories counted and making healthy choice continually.

The struggle is for real!

About a month ago I woke up not quite feeling right and by the time I was on my commute to work I had developed an excruciating pain in my lower left side.  The short of it is I have a large cyst on my right ovary that has become slightly solid and needs to be remove.  I’ve seen the Oncologist who has assured me that my chances of cancer are about 1.5% and after the remove I can resume my normal activities.

This IS NOT my first rodeo.  When I was 38 I had the exact same thing on my right ovary, a much larger mass and had to undergo a hysterectomy, retaining only my left ovary.  I have for the past few years been going the menopause so the loss of my only ovary does not terrify me in the least.

Research, Research, Research ladies.  I’ve been doing my homework on the affects of lower  estrogen and with my greatest concern being loss of sexual desire I had to make sure I handles this change in my body in the best way possible.  Your adrenal glands, fat tissues and even your brain produce estrogen ladies.  And, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study finding that good sex is all mental. So many mental factors can sabotage your desire such as stress, frustration and fatigue to name a few.

Do your research, know what to expect, get out that sex fantasy rolodex (you know we all have one) and fear not the post-menopausal era of your life.  The best tool you can use to be as happy and as healthy possible is knowledge and seeking knowledge for others.  I am no doctor, I am no philosopher I am just sharing some of the knowledge I have aired.  There is so much more out there so please, do your research.

The Gynecological Oncologist I was referred to was a wealth of knowledge and has helped prepare me for what lies ahead.  For this I am thankful.

As far as mood swings go I have been in the throws of menopause so I am familiar with these.  My best tool to deal with them is knowing when I am being irrational, stepping back to asses my feelings, sometimes taking a moment to rationalize your situation and reevaluating you reaction can save you from having to apologize later.  Sometimes it happens, we “loss out cool” but if we are surrounded by people who love and understand us all can move forward in harmony.

With my yoga practice I also incorporate daily meditation to help balance myself.  This is my most prized and precious tool.  Having a calm and balance mind can get you through the toughest of days sometimes.

Take care, nourish your body and mind.

I have been going to the gym 3+ days a week, practicing yoga 2+ days a week and eating a “mostly” plant based diet.  I do consume some soy products because Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones that may mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in your body.

simply put, my goal is to be absolutely fabulous by my 50th birthday.





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