Beads, beaches and Bungalows

Today is Monday.  Not the sort of day that promotes inspiration but none less I am inspired.  I’ve found a new mania and it has really become a passion.  I’ve started stringing Bohemian hippie style beaded bracelets.  At first it was for myself because I really love the look of having several earthy colorful bracelets on ones wrist.  But, it soon became apparent that I had made too many and that is when the idea came to me that I should sell them.  I have a shop on Etsy with a few Florida style necklaces and k   noted pearls on it but I wasn’t feeling an artistic vibe when making those.  At least not like I do when making the bracelets.

I really love the idea of making the jewelry with natural earthy stones so I have been picking out those types at the craft store but I didn’t feel as though they were quality nor were they truly authentic.  So, this weekend I decided to take a little road trip into Nashville to try and find a bead shop with quality authentic beads.  It was Sunday so quite a few were closed but I found one open in East Nashville so my husband and I headed out.  He wasn’t really to enthusiastic about going “bead” shopping but there are also some amazing artisan restaurants in the area so he was up for it.

We got there and although in a small space this shop was packed with goodness.  He actually enjoyed looking through the store immensely and even found a couple of things he liked.


The name of the shop is Red Dog Beads on Woodland Street amongst several other artisan shops I wish had been open.  I was impressed by their selection and the staff was amazingly helpful and pleasant.  I will be returning for more supplies for sure.  And, I will reveal my shop where I am selling all of my artistic creations when it is set up and ready to launch.

On to the next “B”, beaches.  The weather here in Tennessee has been so far from pleasant most of the time lately I’ve fallen into a depression a time or two. One grey overcast cold and/or rainy day after the next with no sunshine.  You see I am a Floridian, and this just is not going to work for me at all.  So of course my mind wanders straight down to the tan cinnamon sand and warm breeze of the coasts of Florida, which use to be about 10 minutes away but is now like 10 hours.  Ok maybe a little less but if feels like 10,000 some times.  I run on sunshine.  My friends all say I am truly solar powered and my batteries are very very low right now.  So don’t be surprised if there is a blog from the beach very soon.  Or a least a pool in a tropical climate.


Recently my son has been going through a minimalist phase ( a whole other blog post entirely) and it has inspired me to do the same. So, on Saturday I decided that the kitchen and then my closet would the perfect places to start.  After hours of debating and 7 boxes and trash bags filled (of which most will be donated).  It’s a really liberating feeling to tell the truth.  because my husband and I have been discussing how we can spend our lives living with work here and there instead of spending it working and stressing with a bit of living here and there.  Let me just say there is an amazing documentary called “Minimalism: A documentary about the important things” that has changed our way of thinking about our purpose.

Anyway, we have been throwing around the idea of minimizing our bills, our living space, our carbon foot print and so on seriously for about a year now.  We’ve toyed around the tiny house idea but aren’t really into the whole tenement on wheels so we’ve started looking at plans for a tiny house and I believe we want to build our own.  More of a small bungalow or sorts.  We would have solar panels and hopefully solar hot water as well.  A garden, a great big garden so I don’t have to go to the grocery so often.  You get the idea but it’s an evolving plan right now.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  If you’re in Nashville check out the Red Dog and go have lunch at The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden.  If this gloomy winter weather has you down find some sunshine and give the minimalist documentary a watch.


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